Welcome to Ireland’s first Walk-in 3D Print Bureau in Rathmines Dublin. This advanced manufacturing technology AMT is appearing in many industries and five years from now you might even have one in your own home to make practical things for use around the house, a bracelet for your girlfriend or a new door handle or how about a pair of stiletto shoes.

The first 3D printer was built thirty years ago by Rich Hall of 3D Systems and it was the size of a small car and cost $500,000 and this technology was exclusive to big industries but now YOU can buy or build a 3D printer small enough to sit in your kitchen or classroom and print faster and better quality than those first printers.

The 3D printer has moved from the factory floor to the office, classroom and kitchen and offers endless creative opportunities. It gives everyone the ability to become a designer and manufacture and perhaps even sell things. Think of the sewing machines 100 years ago and many women setup as dressmakers from their houses. 3D Printing is going in the same direction. We want more people to join this Exclusive Club which is re-inventing design and democratizing manufacturing.

Wouldn’t it be great to see a 3D Printer in every classroom in the near future and give our kids a competitive edge in the digital world.

We sell the 3Doodler, PLA filament and run regular 3D Printing workshops.

Create and design your own CAD files and print out 3D models on one of our three Ultimaker 3D printers or on our new Form 1 stereolithography (SL) technology 3D Printer for the highest resolution available in 3D Printing.

If you’re unsure about CAD software then try thingiverse.com, choose and download free files from their catalogue, email to info@3dprintingdublin.ie and we can print the physical model on one of our 3D printers.

From Digital to Physical.

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We now have the 3Doodler in Store. Pop in and try it out.
3D Printing Dublin is one year old and we’re celebrating with specials offers in-store.

What do you Want to Make Today?